Club Info


The clubhouse and shooting ranges sit on 50 forested acres in the historic town of Hyde Park in the Mid-Hudson Valley.

Outdoor Range

For practicing or setting up your bow, there are targets set at marked distances from 10 to 65 yards at 5 yard intervals. TheĀ outdoor field rangeĀ contains markers at predetermined distances according to NFAA field archery requirements. The 28 target field course ranges from distances of 10 to 80 yards. All practice areas are open to the members as long as there is not a scheduled event taking place.

Indoor Range

The indoor range contains 20 lanes at 20 yards which is available to the club members all year long except during a tournament or other event.

The Ti Yogi Grill

During 3D shoots, and indoor shoots refreshments are available in our kitchen, serving breakfast and lunch at The Ti Yogi Grill.

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