Hunter Safety Course

Hunter Safety Course

New York State requires that archery hunters take a ten hour hunter safety course as a prerequisite to obtaining their archery permit. Ti Yogi gives this course once a year as a courtesy to the hunting community. Details of the next course are as follows:

When is the class?

Class currently is scheduled -  here in September,16th  2017  8 am til 4 pm call Brian Cory 845-987-9094

Where is the class?

At the Ti Yogi archery club

How much does it cost?

Absolutely nothing, one of the few things in life that’s free!

What should I bring?

You need a pen and your bow equipment (to shoot a couple of arrows).

Is there a test?

There is a short quiz at the end covering everything you learned during the day. You also have to demonstrate the proper and safe shooting of an arrow at a target.

What can I do for lunch?

The Ti Yogi bistro will be open at lunch time. There are a few places in the immediate area for a quick bite. Or you could bring a bag lunch.

How do I sign up?

See the contact below and let them know you want to come. There are a limited number of openings so sign up now.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Call BRIAN COREY    845-987-9094

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